“Wanted”- Jo Ho

I was graciously contacted by the author, Jo Ho, to receive a copy of “Wanted” in exchange for an honest review. That being said, it has not altered my opinion of the book whatsoever.”Wanted” was published in November of 2016 and is available for purchase.

I can’t even begin to tell you my excitement when Jo contacted me and gave me a brief description about “Wanted”. I feel as though stories with animals go two ways (with me):

  1. I LOVE the author
  2. I HATE the author

Luckily for Jo, she’s on my good side after reading this book.

“Wanted” introduces us to Chase, a 14 year old runaway. Chase left her home 8 months ago, figuring a life on the streets was better than the alternative at home, if you would even call that living. Honed into a gifted  survivor, Chase knows the best times to dumpster dive, however she is not alone. Chase encounters a stray dog who turns out to be more than what he seems. Chase wittingly names the dog Bandit. It is this duo’s bond that leads them to the doorstep of Sully.

Sully is a healing widower, who runs a vet practice below his house. Reeling from his wife’s death, Sully has internalized his feelings, and shut out the world that his wife shared with him; not wanting the constant reminder that happiness was there. Reluctant to help the dynamic duo, Sully takes them in. Vet instincts and curiosity take over, and immediately he is looking up Bandit’s ID number on the computer. No surprise to Sully, the dog has been reported missing, from a secure lab, and is carrying a virus. Sully calls the number associated with the dog and is asked an odd series of questions. Moments later a knock on the clinic door has a SWAT team ripping through the entire house and setting it ablaze.

What happens to Chase and Sully? What makes Bandit so special that it takes a SWAT team to retrieve him? What kind of virus is Bandit carrying? You will have to read “Wanted” to find out where this story goes. . .and you will NOT be disappointed.

I absolutely loved the ease of this book. It was easy to fall in love with all of the characters, and it was easy to read (and keep reading). This is a perfect book to take on a short trip, or to read over the weekend. I’m a dog lover (well, all around animal lover) so the fact that a dog was one of the main characters, was gold to me. Not that the other characters weren’t lovable, they just didn’t make me want to reach through the book and pet them. I also loved how nothing in the book was over done (at least for me). I felt as though “Wanted” was original, with original ideas/plot/character description, etc.

I am extremely excited to continue reading this series (when it’s published), and I’m also VERY excited when I learned Jo Ho is working on a supernatural YA entitled “Twisted”. Special thanks to the lady herself, Jo Ho, I enjoyed working with you, DEFINITELY enjoyed your writing style and falling in the love with the characters and adventure in “Wanted”. I hope to work with you again!

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