Hey there! I’m not sure how you stumbled onto my page, but welcome! My name is Angie, and this blog is simply a place where I review books, share what upcoming books I’m excited about, share some crafts I do that are movie/book inspired, and just talk about general things (mainly book related).

Some non-book related facts about me:

  • Born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • I am a triple negative,  stage 2A breast cancer survivor
  • We are currently on a foster dog hiatus. HOWEVER! We did become a foster failur17458216_1259360384171429_1887921212602146489_ne for one
  • I am married to a fellow book lover, and gamer, and all around nerdy hottie, whom I refer to as “hubs” on the site. Every now and then I’ll actually convince him to write a guest blog 🙂 Or you could just leave comments to egg him on.
  • I am a mom to 2 wonderful little boys, who I will refer to as my minions.
  • I have an odd passion for customer service

Feel free to ask me questions about a variety of books, authors, projects, etc. I’m excited to build this blog, especially since I always have a book in my hand.

Occasionally I’ll have been contacted by authors or publishing houses to review a book for them; either already released, or as an ARC. Any and all opinion matter is my opinion. Following a review, I will ALWAYS post the specifics. If you see absolutely no specifications, it was already a book on my shelf.