“The Kiss That Saved Me”- Kristy Nicolle

Growing up in the 80’s was (and still is) essentially living in duality. 80’s kids witnessed video games and technology (somewhat) from the ground up- so everything they came out with, with the exception of some gaming systems, was bigger and better than the last. In regards to technology, it has been a continuous upward … More “The Kiss That Saved Me”- Kristy Nicolle

“The Kiss That Killed Me”- Kristy Nicolle

Do you know what I absolutely hate? Remakes. Who in their right mind thinks remaking a classic is going to make it better? Here’s some remake numbers for ya: Jungle Book- $966,550,600 Cinderella- $543,514,353 Beauty and the Beast- $1,263,521,126 Maleficent- $758,539,785 Pete’s Dragon- $143,695,338 Don’t get me wrong, if done well, I think they’re fantastic! … More “The Kiss That Killed Me”- Kristy Nicolle

Mask of Shadows

What a brilliant concept for a book! One part, Hunger Games, one part Throne of Glass, and one part originality! It’s beyond amazing! I won’t lie- this particular plot idea has been done. . .and done. . . and redone. For some unknown reason, in this particular book, it doesn’t annoy me, and I genuinely … More Mask of Shadows