“Falling”- Jane Green

Love is a great many words. We are enraptured by it; especially when we can live vicariously through the Lifetime channel, wrapped in our own cocoon of avoidance to the outside world. With a flip of a coin, roll of the dice, (insert your own euphemism) love can change; it can be mean, envious, devastating. Love... Continue Reading →


“The Fifth To Die” (4MK Thriller #2)- J.D. Barker

It is never a good idea to bring your work home with you, but when a human life is on the line it becomes acceptable. For a homicide detective, what separates duty from obsession? Sam Porter can't catch a break. The events from four months ago haunt his dreams; only this time he's the victim.... Continue Reading →

“Waiting for Gideon”- Kristy Nicolle

Why do certain things trigger memories? Certain smells remind me of home. "Pour Some Sugar on Me" by Def Leopard will always take me back to my wedding day. It doesn't matter how many years have passed, triggering a single one of the five senses plunges you headfirst into your own backstory. And everyone LOVES... Continue Reading →

“The Onyx Hourglass”- Kristy Nicolle

Guys- I am going to preemptively apologize. This is a long review. It has more or less become a diatribe for the trauma I've recently went through with breast cancer, and my lovely brain is still enduring the effects of chemotherapy. There are times I feel I cannot even string together a sentence. I feel... Continue Reading →

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