BBB Syndrome

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted to my blog. Rest assured I am still here, just taking an active step back to put things into perspective.

I am coming up on the first year of my journey with breast cancer. It was after Thanksgiving in 2017 that all of that crap started. While on the outside I may be calm, cool, and collected, my brain is hitting high levels of anxiety and depression. Although I may be “cancer free” the fear is still there (and will remain there) that any time I go into the doctor’s office I will be walking out with bad news.

I love what I do, there’s no doubt about it. Every bookworm DREAMS of being able to work with books on a daily basis. So, I am living MY dream. I enjoy about 95% of the books I am requested to review. That’s a pretty great percentage! Most of the time they are new-to-me authors or an author I’ve only read a handful of times.

So what’s left in that missing 5%? Well, I’d say roughly 3% is books I didn’t care for. And that last 2%? That 2% are books on my personal “To Be Read” pile that I never seem to be able to get to.

So let’s define what exactly I’ve dubbed as BBB Syndrome. Book Blogger Burnout Syndrome. Don’t roll your eyes! I may have made up this symptom, but boy am I feeling it! I am SO far behind on my review requests. Between battling my inner demons, and feeling that I am no longer reading for pleasure has sure downplayed my WANT to read.

Let’s be real. As a book blogger, I really do take a review seriously. Sometimes I hit the nail on the head. Other times, I have several bruised fingers from missing the mark. I put a lot of work into writing a review, make sure it’s thoughtful, and now with chemo brain, I struggle to get my REAL point across (I can never seem to think of the “right” word to say while I’m writing the review).

I not only write the review but my other main social media platform is Instagram. I pull quotes from the current book I’m reading and put a picture with it. Sounds so simple, I know. But I’m not happy unless the picture in my head matches the picture on the screen.

So yes, I am behind on my review requests. I have been doing a lot of selfish reading- where I just read the book for myself, no promos, no review, nothing. And it’s been wonderful. Don’t worry though, I’ll have more reviews back up in no time! I’m not one who enjoys flooding people’s inboxes with NEW POSTS! Just know I haven’t abandoned my love for reading or posting reviews. I feel that every book blogger needs a sabbatical every now and then.




  1. Blogger Burnout is definitely a real thing, I experienced it heavily myself this past year. All my creative and mental energy went towards my classes, so I had no motivation to keep writing on my blog. But hopefully in the new year, we can both get back in the game and come back stronger than ever! ❤

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    • YES! I am so glad I am not the only one that experiences this! Also, I took pressure off myself and did NOT make a Goodreads challenge this year. I figured each and every book I read is a step in the right direction.

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  2. Every book blogger needs to do things at their own comfortable pace. That´s a given, although many think they have to be available 24/7. Which isn´t the case at all. Book blogging is / should be fun yet it´s also very demanding and it never takes long before the BBB kicks in. I always say: the internet isn´t going anywhere. And it´s true. Post a review when you feel like it, not when it´s demanded. ❤ ❤ I loved this post. Very personal and filled with honesty. ❤


    • Aww thanks very much! Glad to hear agreeance on the situation. Thankfully, doing absolutely nothing over the holidays helped me break this. I know better this year though not to set egregiously high goals for anything, and just to let things happen at my pace.


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