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“The Kiss That Saved Me”- Kristy Nicolle

Growing up in the 80’s was (and still is) essentially living in duality. 80’s kids witnessed video games and technology (somewhat) from the ground up- so everything they came out with, with the exception of some gaming systems, was bigger and better than the last. In regards to technology, it has been a continuous upward… Continue reading “The Kiss That Saved Me”- Kristy Nicolle

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“The Kiss That Killed Me”- Kristy Nicolle

Do you know what I absolutely hate? Remakes. Who in their right mind thinks remaking a classic is going to make it better? Here’s some remake numbers for ya: Jungle Book- $966,550,600 Cinderella- $543,514,353 Beauty and the Beast- $1,263,521,126 Maleficent- $758,539,785 Pete’s Dragon- $143,695,338 Don’t get me wrong, if done well, I think they’re fantastic!… Continue reading “The Kiss That Killed Me”- Kristy Nicolle

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“The Opal Blade”- Kristy Nicolle

Hell. An overwritten subject. Sinners and penance, gods, demons, portals, demi-gods. . .all over done. At least that’s what I thought. Usually the books I get a kick out of reading feel like the same story with the words rearranged, and towards the end I can’t tell them apart anyways. This year I have branched… Continue reading “The Opal Blade”- Kristy Nicolle

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“The Opal Blade”- Kristy Nicolle

I don’t really care how old you are, EVERYONE loves Greek mythology. I have been on pins and needles with Kristy’s posts in her street team Facebook group. First things first, her “Tidal Kiss” trilogy has been in my “To be read” pile for much too long. . .but NOW, I’m pretty sure this series… Continue reading “The Opal Blade”- Kristy Nicolle

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“The Address”- Fiona Davis

Have you ever read a synopsis of a book, anticipated the release of the book just so you could devour it in mere hours? That was my anticipation level waiting to read “The Address”. Description Fiona Davis, author of┬áThe Dollhouse, returns with a compelling novel about the thin lines between love and loss, success and… Continue reading “The Address”- Fiona Davis

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Cover Reveal- “The Opal Blade”- Kristy Nicolle

Can we all seriously just pause for a second to check out this upcoming book!!!!     90% of the time I am book browsing in a store, the whole “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” goes right out the window. LOOK AT THIS! Second, The Ashen Touch- gets me pretty excited that it’s… Continue reading Cover Reveal- “The Opal Blade”- Kristy Nicolle