“The Silent Land”- David Dunham

I was graciously contacted by the author, David Dunham, to receive a copy of “The Silent Land” in exchange for an honest review. That being said, it has not altered my opinion of the book whatsoever. “The Silent Land” was published in May of 2016 and is available for purchase.

David Dunham contacted me through goodreads to see if I would be interested in reading his book in exchange for a review. Please don’t get me wrong, I do not agree to review every single request, I do a bit of research first. Luckily for David, the synopsis, AND the cover grabbed my attention right away. David also happens to be a very down to earth author, which is much appreciated.

I must have an old soul. Reading “Silent Land” was absolutely magical, I could not put the book down, or stop thinking about it while I was at work. It may have been a quick read, but by no means does that mean that the content was lacking. Dunham included so many details, conversations, and overall goodness to the story that readers have no choice but to be transported back in time.

Rebecca Lawrence lives in a time where chivalry thrives, and most of a female’ decisions are made by the men in their lives. Rebecca, 21 at the time, should be living the life of dances, and suitors. Instead, Rebecca sits with her ailing mother, sneaking readings of her mother’s diary. Convinced she should have the night off, Rebecca’s father convinces her to attend a local dance. Upon returning home, she finds her mother has passed away.

Racked with memories and grief, Rebecca’s father moves them from their home and closer to relatives. For Rebecca, starting over is the last thing she wants to do, but she will be closer to her Aunt Emily and cousin Edward. Emily takes the reigns of Rebecca’s life and goads her into offering piano lessons for a small fee. Both Rebecca and her father have been invited to a dinner, where Rebecca will unknowingly gain admiration which continues to follow her throughout the book.

Will Rebecca ever gain the freedom to make her own life choices? Will tragedy continue to follow her? Is there a hidden secret within her mother’s diary that mysteriously disappeared during the move? You’ll have to read “The Silent Land” to find out.

To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect picking up this book. As I’ve mentioned before, I try not to read too much into book, less I be disappointed. I was not even close to being disappointed in “The Silent Land”. While some may consider this a “coming of age tale” or a “war tale”, I just classify this as period fiction. To me, it was seeing a young woman grow into her own- and Dunham wrote her perfectly imperfect. Each character introduced was well written, and with enough emotional attachment that the reader just becomes hooked deeper into the story.

It takes a lot for me to cry over a book- and “The Silent Land” had me crying. . .TWICE! So, David Dunham. . . .


I loved this book from beginning to end. The story flowed so extremely well, everything was explained without leaving any questions or closure at the end. David Dunham, thank you so much for allowing me to read and critique your work. You shall have a shelf reserved for your work in my house. I hope to work with you again in the future, and am more than excited to see what you publish next.

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