“Class of ’59”- John Heldt

I was graciously contacted by the author, John A. Heldt, to receive a free copy of “Class of ’59” in exchange for an honest review. That being said, it has not altered my opinion of the book whatsoever.”Class of ’59” was published in September of 2016 and is available for purchase.

I’m not sure how other people’s brains work, but if I intend on reading a series, or at least several books with the same plot, I need to break it up with other books just to hold my attention. When I started “Class of ’59” mentally I was telling myself, “Here we go, another time travel piece. How much different can we get?”

Our story starts out in 2017- and my initial reaction is, how in the world are we getting to a class of 1959? Shoving my opinionated mind out of the way, I just let the story unfold and figured my questions would be answered later. We’re immediately thrown into a chaotic scene (that I actually had to read twice to make sure I was getting it right), Mary Beth and her fiance, Jordan, are in a convenience store. Unfortunately this particular store is being robbed, and Jordan decides to be a hero and stop the robber which results in his untimely death. Due to her fiance’s death, Mary Beth decides to attend medical school specializing in critical care surgery.

Ironically we run into none other than Geoffrey Bell- and Mary Beth and family are staying in the mansion for a week. Mr. and Mrs. Bell do not have near the “backstory” we were given in “Indiana Belle“- which makes me extremely happy that I read Indiana Bell first.

Throughout the first part of the book, the reader jumps between 2017 and 1959. Mary Beth and her sister Piper follow a strange boy (Mark Ryan) through their basement in 2017 to Mark’s basement in 1959. The sisters debate whether to have an adventure in 2017 with Mark, and his brother Ben, or if they should stay in 1959 and have an old fashioned adventure.

I’m so happy the sisters decided to stay in 1959- what person wouldn’t want to travel back to the “Grease” age?! Of course 21st century currency wouldn’t pass in the 1950’s- so what makes better sense than to buy a book that shows sports winnings throughout the years. The plan? Why to go off to Vegas and place a sports bet! While off on their little adventure, a mistake has been dropped, and trouble is hot on their trail. For the time being, they get the heck out of dodge (in this case Vegas) and head to Los Angeles, so that Piper can experience 1959 in all it’s glory- by enrolling as a high school senior at Ben’s school.

What adventures can two time traveling sisters from 2017 have in the year 1959? Better yet, what kind of trouble can they get themselves into? With Geoffrey Bell not around to hash out the specifics of time travel, these four kids have to make up their own rules.

To be completely honest, this book had a 4 star rating from me up until the last 20 pages, and then BOOM! Out of nowhere Heldt throws in a twist that is positively sublime I had no choice but to change it to a 5 star.

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