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“The Address”- Fiona Davis

Have you ever read a synopsis of a book, anticipated the release of the book just so you could devour it in mere hours? That was my anticipation level waiting to read “The Address”. Description Fiona Davis, author of¬†The Dollhouse, returns with a compelling novel about the thin lines between love and loss, success and… Continue reading “The Address”- Fiona Davis

book review

The Witchfinder’s Sister- Beth Underdown

Beth Underdown is a new author for myself, and “The Witchfinder’s Sister” happens to be her debut novel. According to her website¬†there is no news on any upcoming works. First and foremost, I have a grievance. I’m pretty sure this grievance is felt on both sides, so most of you will be able to relate.… Continue reading The Witchfinder’s Sister- Beth Underdown

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Author Spotlight- David Dunham

I have been extremely blessed so far in 2017. Most authors have graciously put up with my ridiculous requests to being interviewed via e-mails. I immensely enjoy getting to know each new author through e-mails, through their writing, through my critique while I pick everything apart, and then through my interview questions. Most of the… Continue reading Author Spotlight- David Dunham