“The Fifth To Die” (4MK Thriller #2)- J.D. Barker

It is never a good idea to bring your work home with you, but when a human life is on the line it becomes acceptable. For a homicide detective, what separates duty from obsession? Sam Porter can't catch a break. The events from four months ago haunt his dreams; only this time he's the victim.... Continue Reading →


“The Fourth Monkey” (4MK Thriller #1)- J.D. Barker

How good are you at your job? Could you handle the pressure and the responsibility of finding someone in two days time before they meet their untimely death? Sam Porter is a homicide detective of twenty plus years and still receives phone calls that make his stomach drop. His homicide partner, Nash, calls Porter warning... Continue Reading →

The Roanoke Girls- Amy Engel

While Amy Engel is not new to the writing scene, "The Roanoke Girls" is her debut novel for adults. We're introduced to Lana and her mother. A simple conversation seemingly innocent holds so much foreboding for the rest of the story. A month after Lana's dream of Roanoke, her dream comes true riding the tail... Continue Reading →

A Year End Review

I cannot believe that another year has come and gone. So much has happened this year, both good and bad. I've learned a lot, loved a lot, and laughed a lot. What more could you honestly ask for? I stumbled upon Goodreads at the end of last year- 2015. I originally signed up to keep track... Continue Reading →

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