“Remnants”- Carolyn Arnold

I was graciously contacted via my blog, to receive a copy of “Remnants” in exchange for an honest review. That being said, it has not altered my opinion of the book whatsoever. “Remnants” will be published on April 11th 2017 and available for purchase here.

Carolyn Arnold is a new author for me, however the genre is not. I’ve always been a fan of CSI (although it HAS to be Las Vegas) and Bones, however for some reason or another, these genres do not grace my shelves too often.

Upon doing my normal new author research, it appears that Arnold has written many books, that spans many series, as well as a few standalone titles.

  1. Brandon Fisher FBI series (Remnants will be book 6 of this series)
  2. Detective Madison Knight Series (A total of 7 books at the moment)
  3. McKinley Mysteries (A total of 10 books with number 11 due out in October 2017)
  4. Matthew Connor Adventure Series (1 book with book 2 due out in January 2018)
  5. And 3 standalone titles


When I received this particular request, and reading over the specifics, it said that “Remnants” was a part of a series. . .well crap. I never pick up a book (unknowingly) that isn’t the first book of the series. Does anyone else feel me on this? Usually it just does not make sense. Had I continued reading the e-mail in it’s entirety, I would have learned that EACH book in this particular series can be read as a standalone. Makes complete sense. HOWEVER! (One) of my favorite authors [James Rollins] has his Sigma series that states the same. Personally, I wouldn’t read the Sigma series out of order. I enjoy knowing what came before and building that relationship with the characters while reading each book. Reading the synopsis provided in the e-mail made me jump at the opportunity to read “Remnants”, and I’m so glad I jumped.

“Remnants” opens in the south, Georgia to be exact, in the perspective of the killer. At the moment he is enjoying the hunt for his victim, savoring in the time it’s taking to pick the perfect specimen, and return home unnoticed.

Switching perspectives, the reader’s are introduced to Brandon Fisher; an agent  in the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit, along with his team. It’s Valentines Day, and what better way to spend it than to answer a call that two arms and a leg were found in a river in Georgia. Upon arriving at the crime scene the team realizes they are looking at three separate victims- the arms are missing the hands, and the leg is missing the foot.

As any good investigative book/movie goes, the list of suspects starts wide and narrows as you go. The team starts with those closest to the site and expand their list- which includes the local Georgian banker. Interviews lead to a myriad of missing person cases with one key component- all of them are missing men in their 20’s.

With a fresh missing person’s case on the table, and more body parts being washed up by the river, the suspect list narrows, and the killer decides to change his MO.

Does the team catch the killer? What role does the banker play in all of this? How many victims were at the killer’s mercy? Please do yourself a favor, and put “Remnants” on your TBR list for April 11th. In the meantime, check out the rest of the books that I mentioned above.

As any good thriller should be, Caryolyn Arnold is able to make you fear the mundane of everyday life. She takes something as simple as running an errand and has you looking over your shoulder.

As I mentioned earlier, “Remnants” is a part of a series. While I have never read any book written by Arnold, I do believe “Remnants” can be read as a standalone. While it may be easier to know the backstories of the main characters, I do not find it integral to the storytelling.

And let’s talk about that storytelling. I found Arnold’s writing to be not only engaging, but it painted a picture for the reader. There was never a time I felt as though she were talking over my head. All of the detail was well researched. For me, I do believe that Carolyn Arnold is an up and coming author for the thriller genre.

While this is my FIRST Arnold novel, I certainly hope it will not be the last. Ms. Arnold, I honestly hope to work with you again, and I absolutely will be adding some of your works to my TBR list. PS: Have you checked out the Matthew Connor Adventures?! That book ALONE moves it up in my TBR list!

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  1. Thank you for reading and reviewing REMNANTS and sharing your thoughts with your followers. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the book and will be reading more of my books. 😀


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