Author Interview

Author Spotlight- David Dunham

I have been extremely blessed so far in 2017. Most authors have graciously put up with my ridiculous requests to being interviewed via e-mails. I immensely enjoy getting to know each new author through e-mails, through their writing, through my critique while I pick everything apart, and then through my interview questions. Most of the… Continue reading Author Spotlight- David Dunham

book review

No Man’s Land- Simon Tolkien

I was chosen by Netgalley to receive an advanced reader copy of “No Man’s Land” by Simon Tolkien. Given that fact, it has not altered my opinion on the book at all. “No Man’s Land” has a scheduled release date of January 24th 2017. There are two main reasons why I wanted to review this book. First and foremost, with a last… Continue reading No Man’s Land- Simon Tolkien

book review

The Other Einstein- Marie Benedict

I was chosen by Netgalley to review the book “The Other Einsten” by Marie Benedict (aka Heather Terrell). Given that fact, it has not altered my opinion on the book at all. “The Other Einstein” has a scheduled release date of October 18th 2016. What drew me to request this book? First and foremost, the cover AND the title… Continue reading The Other Einstein- Marie Benedict