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“The Kiss That Killed Me”- Kristy Nicolle

Do you know what I absolutely hate? Remakes. Who in their right mind thinks remaking a classic is going to make it better? Here’s some remake numbers for ya: Jungle Book- $966,550,600 Cinderella- $543,514,353 Beauty and the Beast- $1,263,521,126 Maleficent- $758,539,785 Pete’s Dragon- $143,695,338 Don’t get me wrong, if done well, I think they’re fantastic!… Continue reading “The Kiss That Killed Me”- Kristy Nicolle

book review

“The Space Between The Stars”- Anne Corlett

First and foremost, can we take a step back and appreciate this gorgeous looking cover? You cannot tell me that this beaut wouldn’t snag your attention sitting on the new release shelf at your local bookstore. This cover would make me stop dead in my tracks, begging me to read the back cover. Had I… Continue reading “The Space Between The Stars”- Anne Corlett

book review

The Witchfinder’s Sister- Beth Underdown

Beth Underdown is a new author for myself, and “The Witchfinder’s Sister” happens to be her debut novel. According to her website¬†there is no news on any upcoming works. First and foremost, I have a grievance. I’m pretty sure this grievance is felt on both sides, so most of you will be able to relate.… Continue reading The Witchfinder’s Sister- Beth Underdown

Author Interview

Author Spotlight- Dallas Coryell

Let the record clearly state, I’m not one to willingly pick up what I deem a romance novel. Two main reasons- Being the hopeless romantic that I am, and having been let down, it makes me upset. I’m upset that the days of chivalry are finished, and the hopes of it being restored are faltering.… Continue reading Author Spotlight- Dallas Coryell