“Falling”- Jane Green

Love is a great many words. We are enraptured by it; especially when we can live vicariously through the Lifetime channel, wrapped in our own cocoon of avoidance to the outside world. With a flip of a coin, roll of the dice, (insert your own euphemism) love can change; it can be mean, envious, devastating. Love... Continue Reading →


“The Fourth Monkey” (4MK Thriller #1)- J.D. Barker

How good are you at your job? Could you handle the pressure and the responsibility of finding someone in two days time before they meet their untimely death? Sam Porter is a homicide detective of twenty plus years and still receives phone calls that make his stomach drop. His homicide partner, Nash, calls Porter warning... Continue Reading →

“Deny the Moon”- Melissa A Graham

Let's face it. Love it or hate it, Twilight will never be over. It divided the masses into factions way before Divergent appeared. Team Edward versus Team Jacob. Books versus movies. Twilight rendered quite a lot of fan fiction, swooning teenage girls, and dreams of what it would have looked like had Bella Swan chosen... Continue Reading →

“Beyond the Shallows”- Kristy Nicolle

Reminisce to a time where women are strangled into corsets, weighed down by bustles, and forced to be accompanied by a chaperone to protect the honor of their virtue. Every movement is pristine, and judged, and if it's not perfect, you worry about receiving a marriage offer from a lesser man. Expectations are high, and... Continue Reading →

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