Author Spotlight- Jo Ho

Jo Ho is a new author for myself, however if someone were to describe her book to me I would jump at the opportunity to purchase it at a bookstore. Which always goes to show, even though you may have a favorite author, sometimes it pays to get out of your comfort zone and try... Continue Reading →


Author Spotlight- Dallas Coryell

Let the record clearly state, I'm not one to willingly pick up what I deem a romance novel. Two main reasons- Being the hopeless romantic that I am, and having been let down, it makes me upset. I'm upset that the days of chivalry are finished, and the hopes of it being restored are faltering.... Continue Reading →

Author Spotlight- David Dunham

I have been extremely blessed so far in 2017. Most authors have graciously put up with my ridiculous requests to being interviewed via e-mails. I immensely enjoy getting to know each new author through e-mails, through their writing, through my critique while I pick everything apart, and then through my interview questions. Most of the... Continue Reading →

Author Spotlight- John A. Heldt

I absolutely love when I receive e-mails from new authors asking me to review their books. It breaks me out of my normal shell, and forces me to pick up books I usually would not. John A. Heldt¬†contacted me to not only read one, but THREE of his books about time travel- a subject I... Continue Reading →

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