“The Obsidian Shard” cover release

“The Obsidian Shard” is the highly anticipated conclusion of The Ashen Touch trilogy- and could that cover be anymore gorgeous? But wait, let’s line them all up together:


The Ashen Touch trilogy is just a small piece of what is known as the “Infiniverse”, multiple worlds, multiple stories, all connecting at some point in time. What may seem worlds apart as far as trilogies go, these books are riddled with easter eggs that readers can be on the lookout for.


Here is a brief synopsis on “The Obsidian Shard”:4

One month has elapsed since Pandora turned out the sun, and things in the Mortal World are shifting as though something dark is just on the horizon. Sephy has been patrolling the streets, preventing demon attacks when she can, but things at the estate fall deeper into chaos with every passing day.

Luce is beyond reach, consumed by both grief and the darkness, and while Xion feels like he owes her the help she once gave him, he’s beginning to wonder if she’ll take it. Then, with the discovery of a solution to tame Lucifer’s darkness emerging from their joint past, the cogs of fate begin sputtering into motion.

For you see, Pandora might have the throne, but she still doesn’t possess the undying loyalty of the Demon Lords, and with an unexpected visit from the Higher Plains, Pandora begins to realise she needs power of her own to truly grasp her revenge.

Will Sephy, Xion, and Luce thwart her pursuit of the destruction of all they hold dear? Or is the sacrifice they are expected to pay to maintain the balance of worlds just too great?

Don’t worry, you have plenty of time to start the series before the December release date of the third book. You can purchase books one and two respectively at the links below:

The Opal Blade
The Onyx Hourglass

And of course, if you need something else to keep you occupied, Nicolle’s first trilogy (all things mermaids) is finished and available for purchase:

The Kiss That Killed Me
The Kiss That Saved Me
The Kiss That Changed Me

Kristy Nicolle has very quickly become a favorite author of mine, including having one of her books as my absolute favorite last year. Be sure to check out her website, or subscribe to her newsletter to stay “in the know” of what’s going on in the Infiniverse.

Also, if you’re interested in seeing my thoughts for some of these books, most can be found here on the blog. Just type a quick search on my site to find them.




    • The books pack the aesthetic appeal (I mean, WOW, right?!) But the inside is what gets readers going. Author Kristy Nicolle is an absolute brilliant writer- just struggling with finding a niche within her readers.

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  1. The cover art really is stunning for these books! I love this genre, and will be checking out that other trilogy as well. Thanks for the recommendations; it’s so hard to find good books to read these days since there are so many. Looks like a lot of the books you have reviewed are right up my alley!

    Liked by 1 person

    • So, I had never heard of Crazy Rich Asians until I saw the movie preview for it (at another movie) it looks like such a quick, funny read!


  2. Hmmm! This is an interesting book you’ve post. It gives us the interest to look into this. I hope I get the chance to read this series.

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  3. I’ve never heard of these books before – and I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I haven’t read a book in what feels like EONS (which is probably has been). WIth my sitting on the couch a bit more these days (because i am TIRED) I feel like maybe, MAYBE I could actually make time for a book!

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    • I suppose it depends what is deemed appropriate. Personally, I think this series is geared more for 20 and older crowd.


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