“Waiting for Gideon”- Kristy Nicolle

Why do certain things trigger memories? Certain smells remind me of home. “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Leopard will always take me back to my wedding day. It doesn’t matter how many years have passed, triggering a single one of the five senses plunges you headfirst into your own backstory. And everyone LOVES a good backstory.

It’s like sitting at the mall and catching piece of story that wasn’t meant for your ears. “Waiting for Gideon” takes place after the third book of the Tidal Kiss trilogy.  . . so, if you haven’t read “The Kiss That Killed Me“, stop right here, because this could contain possible spoilers.


Instead of eavesdropping at the mall, imagine sitting at the reception of Orion and Callie. Watching the bride stuff her face with cake, you notice her staring at two people, who are covertly staring at each other. The man gets a coy smile on his face as he extends his arm questioning, ‘Dance with me?’ The flirtatious smile is replaced with sheer joy as ‘Surfin USA’ plays over the speakers. You can plainly see a memory dancing between the two of them. It’s apparent that as the song ends, more than lyrics and dance steps were shared, as they reminisce the past they shared, and the future life they could build.

You’re so caught up in a daydream of what they’re trying to say, that Patience has her own daydream; of art grad days working the night shift at Dairy Queen. Existing through the monotony of trying to make a living. Thinking about walking the Louvre, and looking up at her own artwork. Sadly, reality came knocking in the form of a customer. Only this customer was a tall man, with blonde hair, a white t-shirt, and faded blue jeans.

This California dream has been watching Patience for a year now, working up the courage to talk to her. All it takes is an Oreo blizzard. Naturally, you have that awkward love at first sight reaction. Patience makes an absolute fool out of herself while working (admit it, you’ve been there!) and blames it on his god-like appearance. Curiosity gets the best of her, and asks him any question that pops into her head, while still maintaining her awkwardness.

Of course the one-on-one conversation pulls up short when trouble comes into the store- and they’re looking for Gideon. Patience runs out of patience with her customers and tunes in to the squabble with Gideon. Call it instinct, but she steps in and throws a blizzard in a guys face, and notices that Gideon freezes the little patch of floor they are on.  With the bad guys on the floor, Gideon tells Patience it’s time to go. . .


Patience goes on the red of her life in Gideon’s little red mustang (sorry 80s kids, no little red corvette!) finding out Gideon’s little secret, and why the two guys were after him.  What’s great is if you’ve read Kristy Nicolle’s other books, there are a couple of easter eggs you can spot which makes it loads of fun to read.

“Waiting for Gideon” is the summer short to get lost in. It’s a great beachy read, or weekend read- something to absolutely get lost in with nostalgia. If you’ve ever had those awkward moments of “Hi how are you?” “Thanks you too!” moments, you will have a smile plastered on your face, remember what your late teenage, early twenties years were made of.

What I love is that this is an extension of the series readers fell in love with. It’s like reading a complete series and asking “What if. . .” Kristy Nicolle took care of the what if and gave us a throw back to where it all started. If you’re a fan of The Tidal Kiss Series, you’re going to want to know where it all started- and you won’t be disappointed.

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Waiting for Gideon” is available now! And to stay up to date on all of the projects Kristy Nicolle is working on, be sure to visit her homepage. I was chosen to receive an advanced reader’s copy in exchange for an honest review. Given that fact, it has not altered my opinion on the book at all.




    • This particular series is very reminiscent of The Little Mermaid, but for a more grown up version (which I love because I am a Disney fan and always wanted more!) But I’m a sucker for a good backstory 🙂


    • I’ve had summers like that! My oldest actually JUST started reading the Percy Jackson series and is in love with it! I’ve been waiting for this stage so the kids and I can talk book nerdy to each other.


  1. I miss just reading a series. I feel like I can barely get through a book a summer. I need to check out the Tidal Kiss series and Waiting for Gideon. Your description makes me want to read.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know how you feel! With kids out of school, I’m refereeing more than I am reading. . .And I love a good series. Most of the time I have to wait a year in between for the author to publish next in series. I was so lucky that The Tidal Kiss series was already out that I could read back to back.


  2. This seems like an awesome read. I love reading, well I used to anyway. Back when I was able to breath during the less stressful days of being a mother haha


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