End of Year Review


Here we are again, on the verge of a new year, and again, I cannot believe this year went by so quickly. I feel like everyone shares that sentiment every year, and yet it really feels like in a blink of an eye the year just came to end. So what all happened this year?

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Every year Goodreads challenges it’s users to set a reading goal. My first reading goal was last year, and I feel Goodreads is the best source for me to keep track of my books/goals. This year, I decided to up the ante (and the number of books I wanted to read). Boy did I fail miserably. I will chalk that up to a full time job, more responsibilities, along with a breast cancer diagnosis. All in all though, I don’t think I did too bad. This year I read a total of 16,127 pages in a total of 49 books. Although I came in under my projected goal, and even my previous year’s goal, I’m still happy.. This year was trying in itself, so that fact that I was able to escape 4 different times is a win for me!

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This year has been completely different for me compared to my first year starting the blog. More than half the books I read this year were either ARC’s (advanced reader copies) or author requested. That’s a MAJOR accomplishment for my little blog- especially seeing as all likes/comments/follows are organic. . .I have not been as bold to branch out into the “paid for” world (can’t really say I ever want to either, I enjoy being real). So this year, I was able to really branch out into the Indie authors, as well as some not-so-well-known-to-me authors, and I was NOT disappointed. A lot of us kind of go with the flow of what’s popular, or authors we’ve grown comfortable with, that we completely pass over breakout authors, up and coming authors, authors who take the time and money to publish themselves just to gain a fan base. I won’t lie, there were times my TBR (to be read) list was a mile long, and all I wanted to do was curl up with my familiar books/authors. Other times throughout the year, I would get stuck on an author, and would devour every single word they wrote.

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I really hate this question. There are so many categories, and sub categories, that usually for the average book reader. And I was lucky enough to read some really, REALLY good books this year! Overall, best genre of the year goes to fantasy. HANDS DOWN! I’ve read some new (to me) authors that will stick with me for a lifetime. Kristy Nicolle happens to be one of those authors. Funny story when I signed up to receive one of her ARCs. . .I didn’t realize that this first of a trilogy (“The Opal Blade”) had hidden Easter Eggs in it from her previous trilogy (it starts with “The Kiss That Killed Me”). So here was an author I JUST started reading in November, and I’m addicted. I’ve read all but one book of hers at the moment, and am waiting with bated breath for her next book. Another series that really stuck out for me this year is The Great Library series by Rachel Caine. This particular series is EVERY book lover’s dream! Essentially it’s placed in a world where the Library of Alexandria was never destroyed. . .and I will leave it at that. Being the eclectic genre jumper that I am, this psychological thriller had me turning pages all night! “The Roanoke Girls” by Amy Engel. . . I will leave it as just a psychological thriller and not get into much detail, because you just can’t explain the craziness that goes on in that book. “Melody’s Key” by Dallas Coryell was the best romantic fiction I’ve read this year- might I add UNEXPECTED romance at that. The rest of the books that stood out this year fall in one of my favorite categories: Historical Fiction. So really there’s a tie  between two books that stood out. First was from a new (to me) author. “The Silent Land” by David Dunham is an amazing war/ budding romance book. We’ve also got an upcoming book “Carnegie’s Maid” by Marie Benedict (I am currently working on this blog review). I will say that last year I reviewed “The Other Einstein” and it was literary brilliance.

Bare Organics (2)

  1. “The Opal Blade”– Kristy Nicolle (really anything by Nicolle is my number one pick this year. . .just sayin’)
  2. “The Great Library” series- Rachel Caine
  3. “The Roanoke Girls”– Amy Engel
  4. “Carnegie’s Maid”- Marie Benedict
  5. ” The Silent Land”– David Dunham

*** Honorable mention*** It’s no secret I’m a HUGE fan of Sarah J Maas’ work, so her up to date Throne of Glass series is fantastic!!!!

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Recapping from last year, not much was accomplished, and I’m not ashamed in the least. I’m still not 100% sure if making quitterstrip a dot com is doable. Maybe once I have cancer’s butt kicked and conquered I’ll decide.

It DOES look like Book Con is a possibility for this year! I have one of my BFF’S thinking on it- so I’ll be super pumped if we get to go!

Definitely need to up my crafty book status up a notch. I still need to complete my author wall. . .actually I really need some more book cases as well with all the books I received this year.

Well that’s an official wrap for this year (I say as I’m eyeing up my ALMOST finished read of “Carnegie’s Maid”). I can’t wait to read with everyone next year! Be sure to leave me a comment what your next year’s bookish goals are, I’d LOVE to read them! Keep your eyes open too for a giveaway during the first month of the year!


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