“The Kiss That Killed Me”- Kristy Nicolle

Do you know what I absolutely hate? Remakes. Who in their right mind thinks remaking a classic is going to make it better? Here’s some remake numbers for ya:

  1. Jungle Book- $966,550,600
  2. Cinderella- $543,514,353
  3. Beauty and the Beast- $1,263,521,126
  4. Maleficent- $758,539,785
  5. Pete’s Dragon- $143,695,338

Don’t get me wrong, if done well, I think they’re fantastic! I’m a HUGE fan of the “new” Beauty and the Beast.  . .I’m NOT a fan of what they tried to do with Grease Live, and certainly not excited on hearing the news of a remake of Dirty Dancing. There are times where you need to leave well enough alone; but that’s coming from an old fuddy duddy.

Here’s what I love; when producers cater the Disney ideal into a more mature, adult version of the story. Including more detail that only adults could appreciate. And cue the red carpet for Kristy Nicolle and the greatest mermaid original “remake” you could ever hope for.

Magical things happen when a girl turns 18. You’ve either graduated or will be graduating. Possibility of moving on to college, maybe moving out and experience what life has to offer. I bit more freedom from the parents. Boys. Friends who own a beach house and are throwing you a birthday party. Callie however is not a typical teenager. “A girl who would rather read novels over trashy magazines, who finds guys her age boring, and other people’s drama petty.” (Pretty much a girl I could kick back with!) Unfortunately for Callie, Daryl (a boy who is pining after her) is there, and practically forces her into a tongue twister of a kiss that is not well received on either end; Callie refuses in disgust which hurts poor little Daryl’s feelings.  (Ha ha- poor Daryl, yeah right.)

What better way to diffuse the nerves of a first kiss gone bad than to sit out on a sand dune and watch the waves kiss the shore. I’ll tell you a better way. . .it looks like an over 6ft tanned, muscular, flawless, slicked back hair, with piercing ocean blue eyes! I’ll let that sink in real quick . . .


Orion makes such a connection with Callie on the beach he asks to meet her the following day in the same spot. Being a more responsible 18 year old than I was, Callie asks permission to go out that night (it’s a lie where she’s going, but she asks!) She’s told no and I swear, all I could think of is this:


And it is this sneaking out that is going to change the world of Callie Pierce with just one kiss. With one kiss, Callie is “awakened” into her destiny; a calling in her blood of being a mermaid. Atargatis’ chosen daughter- to swim the seas for all eternity by the side of her soul mate Orion. Did I mention Orion has been waiting for her for centuries?

Of course coming from a modern day scientific world, Callie is filled with a plethora of questions. Who in their right mind would willing accept they have fulfilled their destiny by becoming a mermaid AND procuring their soul mate?


I mean c’mon! Life in the water, perfect hair, betcha anything thing you got a sweet little flounder as a sidekick and a singing, narrating Jamaican crab- SIGN ME UP!

But it’s not just the human world that’s a mess, Callie has a set destiny. She is the first of “her kind” in YEARS- now you’re crazy if you think I’m going to spoil what “kind” she is, so you can just move along from that.

I can’t even begin to describe how deliciously complicated this world is. There are merpeople and psirens. And with both good and evil, there is one heck of a story behind both of them, and of course they mingle right in the middle.

Okay- so here I am side stepping a bit. I am two years behind reading the debut of this amazing book, but I had read her newest book “The Opal Blade“. Usually it’s really weird “back reading”. I absolutely fell in love with Kristy Nicolle’s writing, especially her snark. While reading her debut novel (keep in mind I say debut, but it debuted 2 years ago) you can still see the foundation of snark and brilliant storytelling. I do feel that Nicolle “over” explained details, but for someone like me who uses their imagination constantly I didn’t mind whatsoever- I do know some people who don’t like that, but that’s what makes the world amazing in that there are no  two people alike.

While reading this book, there are so many times where you feel you’re on a roller coaster. It’s not just building to the climax, reach the climax, and then level off. Oh no. She builds the tension, reaches the climax, drops you on your head, doesn’t even bother to fasten your seat belt and you are off again. What’s worse- the freaking book ends on a climax! I mean, it’s not worse, I plan on reading the entire series so I’m gearing up with a helmet so I can be properly dropped over and over again.

All in all, I cannot wait to continue with the Tidal Kiss trilogy. I am truly lucky that I am able to enjoy one right after the next. I guess that’s one way of getting out of waiting for each book to come out 🙂



The Kiss That Killed Me” is available now! And to stay up to date on all of the projects Kristy Nicolle is working on, be sure to visit her homepage. I was chosen to receive a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Given that fact, it has not altered my opinion on the book at all.


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