“The Opal Blade”- Kristy Nicolle

Hell. An overwritten subject. Sinners and penance, gods, demons, portals, demi-gods. . .all over done. At least that’s what I thought. Usually the books I get a kick out of reading feel like the same story with the words rearranged, and towards the end I can’t tell them apart anyways.

This year I have branched out and tried to read more indie authors- the underdogs, the not-so-well-known. One thing I’ve learned this year (even though the year isn’t up yet!) is that I was LESS disappointed with indie authors than I was my regular authors. I won’t go into TOO much detail in this review, but look out later for an Op-Ed post indie vs. well read.

This is my first go at a Kristy Nicolle book, and I was NOT disappointed. Upon finishing “The Opal Blade” I quickly learned that Nicolle has an entire other series already published that has a bit of a cross over with “The Opal Blade”. While I have not read the Tidal Kiss trilogy, I can openly say you do not NEED to read it to understand “The Opal Blade”.

Meet Persephone Sinclair- heiress to her father’s legacy in which she feels hesitant to accept. Most people wouldn’t turn down a family fortune, but Sephy feels reluctant to because of her parent’s death and the responsibility that comes with signing on the dotted line. She belongs out on the town, wild and free with no baggage holding her down. With a love ’em and leave ’em kind of attitude, Sephy’s seemingly only friend in the world is Jules, the butler as well as Cerb, her faithful and loyal leonberger. Being wild and free has it’s consequences. In hopes of not tarnishing the Sinclair name, Peter, Sephy’s uncle, decides to hire a body guard to keep her out of trouble. None too pleased, Sephy continues being her absolute self in hopes of embarrassing Xion (bodyguard) enough to leave well enough alone.

What she isn’t prepared for is braving the heartache her parent’s death has left her in and figuring out where her place in the world really is.

Xion takes Sephy through the portal (on her parent’s property I may add!) to hell. I would like to tell you that every detail is morbid, or even romanticized (usually the only two ends of the spectrum that are hit), but Nicolle steps up to the plate and makes hell completely her own. There a quite a few gender swaps, which are deviously amazing and well written. Sephy seems to be able to make friends in hell rather quickly, especially with Lucifer.

Naturally, realizing your father, Lord of the Underworld, wants nothing to do with you, other citizens of Mortaria would like to know how your presence will affect the present and the future. Naturally the Fates are involved, and a few unexpected mythological figures as well.

Join Sephy as she journeys through life in the Underworld, only coming up for air when her business is finished, and the threat on her life has been contained. Losing her former self, and discovering who she truly is, and what connections she has in the afterlife. As she steps through the portal to hell, she leaves her old life, a flickering flame waiting to ignite. As she discovers her true purpose and identity, Sephy becomes a force to be reckoned with.

To be honest- I am too excited writing this review to even feel like I gave this book the justice it deserves. Kristy Nicolle is the REAL force to be reckoned with. From start to finish, the reader is able to tell that everything, no seriously, EVERYTHING has been well thought out. The detail that is put into the descriptions, body language, actions, is overwhelmingly stimulating. I usually struggle trying to match descriptions to quotes and post on my Instagram account. Not the case here. I was overwhelmed, and literally had to space out my IG posts just to keep from spamming my friends with bookish posts.

If you couldn’t tell by now, I HIGHLY suggest reading “The Opal Blade” by Kristy Nicolle. I would say it’s for a “mature” audience, however I will NEVER put an age limit on where mature starts (I’m still bitter from an incident in 4th grade when my teacher told me I was “too young for a book” I was reading- reading well in fact!). I will fully admit I have left A LOT out of this review- on purpose. I don’t enjoy reading spoilers, I don’t enjoy starting to read a review and slowly realizing they are spoiling the book for me. I don’t do that- that’s not classy.  I would hope that if you are into mythology of ANY kind, be it, Greek, Egyptian, what have you, and you love a fantastic fictional cross over, you have to give this book a try. And if the story line doesn’t pull you in, then the author’s pure level of snark surely will. I don’t often find myself saying this, but I am now on a mission to have an entire shelf devoted to this author- with signed books. I’ll even be as bold to say this is one author I would absolutely love to meet.


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“The Opal Blade” is available now! And to stay up to date on all of the projects Kristy Nicolle is working on, be sure to visit her homepage. I was chosen to receive an advanced reader’s copy in exchange for an honest review. Given that fact, it has not altered my opinion on the book at all.


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