“The Address”- Fiona Davis

Have you ever read a synopsis of a book, anticipated the release of the book just so you could devour it in mere hours? That was my anticipation level waiting to read “The Address”.


 What a promising set up! And yet, as I was reading, I was having trouble staying into the book! It’s as if I needed to take a break every 2-5% (kindle reader). I also work up beautiful Instagram quotes, and found that inspiration was few and far between.
While I’ve been enjoying historical fiction this year, and am accustomed to jumping timelines, I wish his particular book would have stayed historical fiction, and expand on the real story. To me, and I know I may be an unpopular opinion, it felt as though the 1985 timeline was just used as a filler- little to no content value whatsoever.
As unexcited I was to read/finish this book, that’s about my level of interest writing this blog post as well. That’s a pretty crappy thing to say! What’s even crappier, is that this was the first book this year that I actually thought to stop reading and place in the “Did Not Finish” pile. . . although, there is no pile, but this book would certainly start it.
As far as a recommendation, I cannot recommend this book. I found it completely dull, at times there was great imagery, but few and far between and certainly not enough to carry on throughout the entirety. Believe me, there are other, more well written historical fiction books you can immerse yourself in.

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