“The Space Between The Stars”- Anne Corlett

First and foremost, can we take a step back and appreciate this gorgeous looking cover? You cannot tell me that this beaut wouldn’t snag your attention sitting on the new release shelf at your local bookstore. This cover would make me stop dead in my tracks, begging me to read the back cover.

Had I not been inundated with responsibilities, this would’ve been a day read- it’s so simple, and just a “go with the flow” book. Regardless if it’s a fast paced book, or a book you take your time with, is no reflection of the quality of work. “The Space Between the Stars” is absolutely engaging, the characters are well developed, and the reader is able to feel the emotion, anger, and feeling lost in the vastness of space.


How much space is too much space? When the virus intended to end the world decides to wipe the slate clean with humanity, it makes a survivor question her choices in life. Holding on to her last bit of hope, Jamie searches for life beyond her planet, and a way to get back to remnants of a normal life. But has the fever made humanity have a change of heart?




Let’s talk character development- I will reiterate the sign up above. . . if you’re worried about spoilers STOP READING THIS POST!!! I don’t want to ruin anything!!!


Jamie- Our main character. Jamie wakes up on Soltaire- an off world. .  .world for lack of a better word. Jamie is a veterinary scientist who jumped at an off world opportunity to get some space between her and her boyfriend Daniel. Readers wake to a scene of Jamie waking up from a fever- a virus that is a “perfect killing machine”, that is contagious, and that “mutates with each reinfection”. The first thing our character does is go in search of anyone. Just someone to talk to, to know that she wasn’t the only survivor. Unfortunately all Jamie finds are piles of dust where people should be- the fever returning humankind to their natural state “ashes to ashes, dust to dust.”

Lowrey and Rena- what are the odds of 3 people finding each other on a death stricken planet? Predictably, this awesome twosome stumbles upon Jamie in a bar. . .I know, shocker. The three quickly cling to each other, “but they seemed to be stuck in some social holding pattern; all polite introductions and mundane questions”. Although it’s the end of the world, it seems old habits are hard to break. Lowrey is a preacher, Rena is a research scientist. . . almost sounds like a set-up for a bad joke. Rena actually reminds me of a character from another book (turned movie) whose death received a standing ovation in the movie theater. . .I’ll drop a pic, be sure to leave me a comment if you know who I’m talking about!


Callan and Gracie- the saviors to our tale. Callan and Gracie JUST so happen to come across a distress beacon, and guide their space craft down to rescue our survivors. Of course personalities clash- can’t expect everyone to get along. Callan is on his way back to the capital Alegria, to find out how many survivors in total they are looking at. Gracie, the ship’s engineer, is none too happy to be stopping at every distress beacon they come across.

Mila and Finn more survivors, adding a dynamic to the group. Mila, for lack of a better word, is a prostitute, obviously finds herself out of a job due to the world ending. And Finn- I’m going to DARINGLY go out onto a limb, and guess that he is autistic, or something of that nature- and I love his character. He brings the honesty, and child-like innocence that is desperately needed within the group.

Naturally, not everything will go according to plan. Naturally, not everyone remains honest in the end of the world. Can love survive “The Space Between the Stars”?

As far as Anne Corlett- her style of writing is so easy to fall in love with. It’s easy going, not dry at all, and thoroughly enjoyable. I would gladly pick up any new book she writes.



I was chosen by Netgalley to receive an advanced reader copy of “The Space Between the Stars” by Anne Corlett. Given that fact, it has not altered my opinion on the book at all. “The Space Between the Stars” has a scheduled US release date of June 13th 2017.

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