Crown of Midnight- Sarah J Maas

I’m not quite sure what surprises me more: that I took such a long break from the Throne of Glass series, or that I “accidentally” read book 2 in one day. That’s the problem I have when I run into a book/author that I just fall in love with. I fell in love with “A Court of Thorns and Roses”  and that’s when the obsession started- that obsession carried over to me recommending it to my friends, and when THEY couldn’t get enough, they decided to start reading the Throne of Glass series. . .without me. So with a lot of convincing, (no fault to Sarah J Maas, I’ve been inundated with review requests) I decided to pick back up where I left off.

“Crown of Midnight” picks right up where readers leave off in “Throne of Glass”. The King of Adarlan wastes no time sending out his newly hired champion for contract killings. Celaena is told names one by one, and is expected to bring the heads back to the king. Following her latest assignment, Celaena’s new task keeps her close to home; weeding out an ever growing rebel group that could upset the balance of the kingdom. The King will give her one name at a time- interesting that the first name happens to be a blast from her past.

Still dealing with the after effects of the trials, Cain, and the Ridderak, the Eye of Elena is still a prominent life-saving accessory. Celaena notices a cloaked, dark figure in the hallways of the castle. Deeming it the only safe place, Celaena goes back to the hidden tomb connected to her room. While Elena used all of her power in the last book to appear, readers are introduced to a new darling character named Mort. The best way to describe him:

Mort reminds me of that blunt friend that everyone has, but this one also talks in riddles. Mort isn’t the only new character introduced. We have Roland, Dorian’s cousin, called in to sit on the King’s council. Dorian’s younger brother Hollin is also home from school. Archer Finn is Celaena’s blast from the past, and also her next target to assassinate. Can the pair’s friendship last amidst a death sentence?

After catching up with Celaena and the new dangers and adventures reader’s are set up for, we go back to my favorite underlying theme: inner boy dilemmas. Dorian continues to wonder if he ever meant anything to Adarlan’s greatest assassin, or if it was just a ploy. It’s a bit amusing to me to read Dorian “moping” around the castle wrestling with his feelings, when you know darn well if he would act on those feelings his father may do something drastic. Chaol on the other hand starts taking matters into his own hands, denying his feelings all together, while still trying to “schedule” time with her. . . purposefully.

Celaena is keeping a secret from the King to save her friends. Dorian is keeping a secret from the King to save his life. Chaol is an open book, he wears his secrets on his face. But by the end of the book, there is more tragedy and secret passageways than a TOG fan is ready for.

I should know by now that Maas’ stories write themselves They are brilliant. Each perfect in their own way. The fact that I have two series to get wrapped up in makes me happy beyond words, yet I know at a point they will come to an end.  My only warning- PLEASE do not read any of these books out of order. First and foremost, you’ll be so utterly confused you won’t want to continue, and I don’t want that to happen. Second, the first warning should be warning enough- just don’t do it.

If you thought the original “Throne of Glass” was amazing, please continue on with the series.

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