“The Azrael Initiative”- K Hanson

I was graciously contacted by the author, K. Hanson, to receive a copy of “The Azrael Initiative” in exchange for an honest review. That being said, it has not altered my opinion of the book whatsoever. “The Azrael Initiative” will be published on March 3rd 2017 and available for purchase here.

There are times where I personally think it’s better when I’m contacted by authors to review a book, rather than be left with my own indecisiveness and try to pick my next read. It usually works out perfectly, where I’m able to jump from genre to genre, and not be bored. So coming off my latest read which was romance, I jumped at the opportunity to be able to review K. Hanson’s debut novel.

Readers are introduced to two college friends in their senior year approaching graduation:

  1. Kayla- an engineering student inspired by working in the garage with her father
  2. Olivia- a nursing student who wanted to make a difference seeing her mother pass away

Even though senior design projects and graduation is looming, the two friends still find time to get together for lunch dates. Unfortunately fate always enjoys throwing a wrench in things. While at lunch, the university befalls a terrorist attack. Adrenaline kicking in, Kayla is able to outsmart and take down the infiltrators.

Hailed a hero, Kayla and Olivia’s actions attract not only the media vying for an interview, but a third party looking to recruit the two for a special operative. Initially turning down the opportunity, Kayla and Olivia decide to move on with their lives. Of course right when everything seems to be right on track tragedy strikes, ultimately forcing the girl’s hands for the greatest revenge mission possible: going deep under cover in ISIS’ capital Al-Raqqah, Syria

Who is the third party recruiter? What tragedy pushes the girls to become special ops? What is the secret mission to exact revenge? How will two women be able to survive a male dominated area? If you absolutely love thrillers, you’ll want to pick up “The Azrael Initiative” and add it to your TBR list.

I enjoy thrillers. I enjoy it to the point where if I have to put the book down, I don’t consider it a true thriller. I had an extremely hard time putting this book down- purely only out of obligation due to work was about the only time I stopped reading. At the same time, there were a few instances that I thought the book was predictable, as well as unnecessary “plot twists” happening. A true thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat regardless if you are adding the Hollywood “WOW” to it. Needless to say, even with the unnecessary turn of events, I still enjoyed “The Azrael Initiative”.

K. Hanson- thank you so much for allowing me to review your debut novel. I do hope you continue on with “The Azrael Initiative” as I cannot get enough of Kayla. Good luck on any future projects, and I sincerely hope to work with you again!


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