Curious Minds- Janet Evanovich & Phoef Sutton

I was chosen by Netgalley to review the book “Curious Minds” by Janet Evanovich and Phoef Sutton . Given that fact, it has not altered my opinion on the book at all. Curious Minds scheduled release is August 16, 2016.

This is my first Evanovich book. So as of right now, I have no preconceptions on how this book “should be” written. Consider myself a blank slate- I can’t really make any comparisons, I have no idea the style of writing. Exciting isn’t it?!
Our story opens, briefly, with what looks like a deal gone wrong. Gunter Grunwald is in a cave, alone, within a wall of pure gold. Spooked by an unnatural noise, Gunter realizes he is no longer alone in the cave. Peering around his wall, he realizes he knows who has joined him, and it’s not who he wants to see. What Gunter realizes too late is that he should have stayed at his desk back at the office.
Cut scene to our present day story, and we are introduced Riley Moon, a seemingly well put together woman who works at a Bank. Riley is doing a home visit for a client. A very wealthy client; Emerson Knight, a rumored “nutcase” of a man, whose father has just passed and left his inheritance to his son. Riley was sent by her bank  to ensure Emerson that his money is well taken care of. Upon meeting Emerson, she is quite shocked that she is attracted to the client, until he opens his mouth. Within the huge mansion he resides in, he is holed up in his library (SWOON!) living in a tent. Upon telling Emerson her rehearsed speech from the bank, he’s very flat and to the point with her, saying that she’s only visiting on behalf of the bank due to his recently acquired assets. Emerson is also a bit agitated because he has specifically requested Gunter, for months, and is now seeing Riley in his place. After Riley gives  Emerson her rehearsed speech, and rehearsed answers, he still insists that she take him to, quite literally, see his gold.
After much persuasion, Riley takes Emerson to Blane-Grunwald bank, to speak directly to Werner, the man in charge. While there, Emerson starts out by saying he would like to see his gold, to hearing the life story of the missing Gunter Grunwald, to setting out on a rescue mission to find Gunter. Both Werner and Riley are taken aback by how the conversation had evolved. Emerson takes a small tour of Gunter’s office, to try and get a feel for the man. With lack of personal effects, he deems it necessary to talk to Gunter’s assistant; Maxine. Again at a loss for information, Emerson blindly sets out on a quest to find Gunter. Werner suggests Riley as an assistant since she is good with people, consciously making a dig at how dry Emerson’s personality is.
Where better to start a missing person’s investigation than at said person’s house. Showing up uninvited and unannounced, Emerson thinks it’s best to ask Gunter’s wife a slew of questions. They come across Mrs. Grunwald in the back yard, spade in hand, staring into a freshly dug hole. Upon further investigation, it seems in the five years the Grunwald’s have lived there, their gardeners have happened upon buried saints while landscaping. Being a non-catholic, Mrs. Grunwald doesn’t quite understand the mystery of the buried saints, and decides it’s time to pack up the house and sell. Ever the blunt one, Emerson simply asks if Mrs. Grunwald murdered her husband. She is absolutely taken aback, and denies any such thing. 
The only thing worth finding in Gunter’s house was a bar of gold; taken directly from his safe. Emerson investigates the bar, and finds that it is a fake. With much resolve, he further insists on seeing his gold in person to make sure that his are not all fakes as well. Off on a road trip cross country, the pair follow a yellow brick road to take down a corporate conspiracy theory that effects the government’s reputation worldwide.
Some conflicting “things” I’ve noticed while reading. And maybe it’s not really conflicting, or bothersome to others, but it is to me. It is mentioned quite a few times that Riley is in debt, which is why she has her current job at Blane-Grunwald bank, to pay back on her debts. And yet throughout the book, it mentions designer suits, Jimmy Choo ankle boots, her mini cooper. If she is so in debt, why is she making such purchases? Again, it could just be me.
Emerson is 110% nerd, know-it-all, full of himself kind of guy. To the annoying degree. Most of the things he says are either predictable, or awkward. That awkwardness is also picked up by Riley, again making some conversation either predictable, or so far out in left field that occasionally it does not make sense to the reader. My main impression, and this may only make sense to a few of you, is that it has the potential of the Naked Gun series; likable, occasionally funny, full of puns, occasionally awkward. This book however, missed it’s mark with me. I don’t often say this about books, but I really couldn’t wait for the book to be finished. The way the story ends, it’s blatantly obvious that it will continue on in a series. I’m sorry to say, that I will most likely not pick up a Janet Evanovich book anytime in the near future.

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