Harry Potter and the Cursed Child- JK Rowling

Harry Potter fans rejoice! It’s been 9 years. . .we’ve waited 9 LONG years and the moment has arrived! Anyone else as excited as I am to be returning to Hogwarts?

Just in case the featured image wasn’t enough warning- I may or may not talk about certain “events” in the book that may ruin it for an upcoming reader. So, if you have not read the book, and do not want it spoiled, please stop reading. I personally do not like to have a book ruined for me in advance, it actually makes me NOT want to read it, and I do not wish that for anyone who reads my blog.

So a little back story to me actually purchasing this book. Shock of all shockers, I did NOT pre-order this book. Fans, please do not hang your head in shame for me! I actually wasn’t quite sure how I would like the book in script form. So on my day off, I just meandered on over to Barnes and Noble on a whim. Of course, they did not have the golden ticket I was looking for. They did however ask me if I wanted to order it and have it shipped to the store or the house. I politely declined, and figured I’d take my chances trying to find it in another store. Recently, our mall decided to move some stores around, including  the bookstore BAM! It is a brand new store, nicely stocked, great appearances, and low and behold, they had TONS of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child books. So thank you BAM! for making it extremely easy for me.

Again, starting out, I was not sure how well I would take to the script style writing. After about 100 pages in an hour, I figured it would be a lot easier reading than I expected. It’s quite literally like watching TV while having subtitles on. What script writing does is essentially take out the he said, she said, and all of the scenery details.

So for my Potter fandom genre, this is the exact picture I want you to have in your head when you start the book:



Got those images in your head? Fantastic, you are now officially set to start The Cursed Child! These faces, and voices stuck with me throughout the book.

In the very beginning you are introduced (or rather re-introduced) to Albus Severus, the rest of the Potter Clan, Rose Weasley, Hermoine and Ron of course, and Scorpius, who is Draco’s son. I feel that being a previous (and current) Harry Potter fan, the book was a bit predictable, but not in an annoying way. So, because Harry and Draco were enemies in the series, it makes absolute PERFECT sense that they would be insta-friends, thus starting the 2nd generation of Potter of mischief being managed.

Albus is so like his father, but also so very different. He questions whether or not he’ll be put into the Slytherin house. Even though Harry tells him that he can consciously tell the Sorting Hat he does not want to be in that house, Albus still has his hangups. Naturally, Albus is placed in Slytherin, surprise everyone else BUT the reader. Luckily, Albus’ BFF Scorpius is in Slytherin too, and the both of them are the odd man out in the school.

Of course, because Harry did not have the most pleasant of memories with Draco, he’s not all too thrilled that Albus’ friend is Draco’s son. Harry tries to convince Albus, and Headmaster McGonegall (yes, you read that right!) to keep the boys separated; thinking any Malfoy to be nothing but trouble for a Potter.

Now that we’re caught up on the kids, let’s catch up with our favorite characters. Harry is employed at the Ministry of Magic, specifically head of the Magical Law Enforcement. Hermoine has become, what else, but the Minister of Magic. Currently, the entire Ministry is on a seek and destroy mission with time turners; for obvious reasons. . .they don’t want anyone to go back in time and bring back he who must not be named.

Harry  does have a familiar visitor come calling to his house; Amos Diggory. Time has aged everyone, and that certainly does not leave out Mr. Diggory. He is in a wheelchair, and in an retirement home for aging witches and wizards. Amos begs Harry to help, to bring Cedric back; see where this is going? And of course, because nosiness runs in the family (haha not Voldemort’s family though!) Albus is sitting on the staircase overhearing his dad’s conversation, with a desperate man, who loves his departed son, just not enough to bring him back.

Albus decides as a Potter, he needs to help; since of course it was his dad’s fault that Cedric died. But what Potter acts alone? Albus and Scorpius decided to steal the time turner that was recently confiscated by the Ministry of Magic, go back in time, and stop Cedric from winning the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

For any true Potter fan, I believe it is your absolute duty to read this book. It doesn’t matter that it’s in script form, that should not stop you whatsoever. It’s your DUTY to see the books through to the end. I know for myself, it felt absolutely amazing to be back in Hogwarts, surrounded by the characters I grew to love.  I loved the friendships, I loved the new adventures, I loved the plot twists. Sure, SOME things were predictable, but that should NEVER stop you from reading a book.

What I didn’t like about this book? I’m sad that the Harry Potter world that I love so much has officially come to an end. I know all good things come to an end, but it’s like taking the last bite of something you really love; you’re just not mentally prepared for it to be over. Because of finishing the book, I now really want to go back and re-read the entire series. I also dubbed this weekend Harry Potter weekend, and am watching the movies with my kids. . .they will thank me one day.

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  1. I did originally put in a pre-order but the bookstore lost it so I still haven’t got my hands on a copy! I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy it or not but you’ve given me the impetus to pick it up!


    • That’s a shame! Actually, about 80% of people that I talked to that DID pre-order it were telling me that their orders were late. So all in all, I’m very glad that I did not pre-order. I do hope you enjoy the book. PLEASE stop back and let me know your thoughts on it!


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