From Chaos to Beautiful Disaster.

Hello. My name is Angie, and I am a book addict (Hi Angie). Hubster is also a book addict, but seeing as he hasn’t made his grand introduction yet, I’ll leave that to him.


This year alone, it seems as though OUR book. . .hoarding? Stash? Stockpile? Compilation? Caboodle? Collection? CUMULATION! Our book cumulation has become out of control. We had 3 different bookshelves in our room, ALL of them filled with books. We had unpacked boxes of books in the room just sitting on the floor, plotting my demise to trip over said box. Our coffee table in our room had piles of books. The special bookcase over in the computer, which I may add, is being especially reserved for signed copies of books, was also filled, and NOT all are signed.


So of course, in passing, I had told the hubs that I think it’s time to buy new bookshelves. You know, real, adult looking, non-mismatched bookshelves. We’re adults now, it’s really time for “adult” looking stuff (I say this as I try to push my recently acquired comic books under the bed. . .I’m just kidding, there’s NO WAY I’d risk putting those beauties under the bed.) As books keep somehow appearing in our house, I start to continually ask for bookshelves. NOT NAGGING! Don’t you dare insinuate that I nag. 🙂


Originally I did the research. I went onto Pinterest and found step-by-step instruction to build our own bookshelves. I thought it was PERFECT- mainly because we could adjust the dimensions to make it fit across our entire wall- yeah- we weren’t just getting one bookself, we wanted a wall to wall one. Well, not exactly wall to wall, but you’ll see what I mean.


So I showed the plans to the hubs. He’s a saint, let me tell you. I have no doubt in his ability to build, however, we currently lacked the tools to actually make it happen. So I went back to researching and ended up finding these bookshelves online. All in all we paid a little over 100$ for 4 bookshelves. Mainly, just to bring more semblance to our bedroom. There is truly very little things that bother me. Apparently books not having a home on a shelf is one of them.


So leave a comment! Tell me what you think! Tell me what to add, or how to organize. How do you organize your books? Mine is still a bit chaotic. it’s a bit overwhelming now having all of this room. To be honest, that’s not all of our books either. We still have boxes to unpack, I still have a separate bookshelf that is specifically for books I want to read but may not want to keep. We also want to do a lot with the above space on the wall. What’s important, is that things are slowly coming together. This is our 4th year in the house. Every year we try to do a little “something” that makes the house really ours.

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