Don’t Knock your local comic book store.

I’m a nerd. I was a nerd in my teenage years (although I’ll admit it was rather suppressed back then) I’m a nerd now, and I foresee myself continuing on this path of nerdism. I am far more open today with being a nerd- mainly because I’m past that point in my life trying to please everyone. It’s more of you get what you get with me.

So today, I ventured to a local comic book store. I’ve known about this store for years, just really have never frequented it. Hubs and I were mainly looking for some comic books; X-Men, Suicide Squad, Captain America, Harley Quinn, etc. For first time buyers, the store is a bit overwhelming, but it’s also any fan’s dream.

I’m a bit late getting into the “fandom” of DUNE- a series originally started by Frank Herbert, and continued by his son Brian Herbert, and co-author Kevin J. Anderson. Hubs was the wonderful person who introduced me, and once I watched the movie ( I know, I’m sorry I watched the movie first!) I was hooked and couldn’t get enough. Slowly, over the last year I’ve been trying to collect all the books; basically to do a lump reading.

While I was perusing the many stacks of comics, I remembered that DUNE was also made into a graphic novel. I simply asked about it, and the find was MAGICAL. Unfortunately, the store did not have the graphic novel, WHICH by the way, was picked up by Marvel, SAY WHAT?! Side note here: I’m the BIGGEST fan of Marvel. DC is okay, but Marvel is where it’s at. Anyways! The owner, Joe, said he might have something in the back.

Joe comes back out with a book in hand. Simply asks if I have this particular book, and I answer yes, I’ve been trying to obtain the entire series. He takes it out of the packaging and proceeds to tell me that it has a signed plate! Well, I know that I already have this particular book, but unfortunately not a single book is signed! So of course I accepted! I was so happy that I literally could have cried. I know that is extremely sappy to say, but when you love books as much as I, I guess it comes easily.

My advice to anyone really; you’ll never know where you will find something you didn’t even know you were looking for. Thanks Joe! You are literally my hero! To Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson, I hope someday to get every single book signed by you. It’s a lifelong dream, and I’m willing to be patient.

For fellow Lancaster peeps- please go show some love to The Comic Store– 28 McGovern Avenue!

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