Authors have real lives too!

I’m not sure how closely all of you follow book related subjects. I don’t tend to, but when certain things pop up on my Facebook news feed, I feel that I have a duty to check it out.

I had read Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert just as soon as it came out. I was still a teenager, eager to read more adult content, even though I may not have understood all the adult situations (I am sad that I missed my chance to get my book signed by her). I immediately fell in love with Gilbert’s writing style. I also fell in love with the idea of going on a spiritual journey. What seemingly started as a bitter break up non-fiction novel, turned out to be a budding romance auto-biography.

Fast forward about 10 years, and I come to find out that Gilbert’s budding romance has ended “amicably”, and that the masses have deemed her selfish. And thus starts my bitter diatribe. . .

In current events, it seems that all human kind seeks is acceptance, no matter what arena. Elizabeth Gilbert went against the grain and did what most people either dream of doing, or are too scared of doing. Selfish?! I think not. If you honestly read the book, I feel as though this woman poured her soul into this book. If it were for selfish gain, I feel as though that would have been reflected in the writing. I’m certain that there are a lot of women who felt empowered after reading her book, knowing that they aren’t alone. I 110% believe that books are here to help us. It doesn’t matter what kind of help you need; an escape of reality, a self help, knowing you’re not alone, etc. I say that more books like Eat, Pray, Love need to be written.

Although I was saddened to learn of Gilbert’s separation from “Felipe”, I know that once again Gilbert will start a new chapter of her life. She may even be able to write a new book. Why is it that separation is a taboo subject? Whether amicable or not? First of all it’s absolutely no one’s business. The fact that Gilbert shared a very private part of her life with fans speaks volumes. Anytime anyone decides to open up to the masses, of course there’s cause for complaint. Someone ALWAYS has something to complain about. I hope, that if Gilbert decides to write a new book that it helps someone.

Ms. Gilbert, thank you for being transparent. I loved Eat, Pray, Love, and felt that I journeyed with you. I do not think you are selfish at all, you are just on your own journey. Keep your chin up, keep inspiring people. All the best.

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