Shop Small Business

Who doesn’t LOVE going to the bookstore? The smell of books overwhelming your senses? I know I do!

Barnes and Nobles, BAM, Borders, all of these are a slight vacation within themselves. While nothing is wrong with shopping at name brand bookstores, I usually tend to gravitate to small business used book stores.

Every June, my family and I look forward to our beach vacation. It is now tradition to stop at the local used book store, which is celebrating 40 years this year! We frequent the Bookateria Two, a small, but amazing bookstore. Me personally (and the hubster) never leave empty handed.

Now I’ll be the first to admit, I am a bit of a book snob. Certain books, I have to, under no circumstance, buy new. These would typically be my Young Adult books and new books that I just cannot be patient for them to come out. Usually, as I’m sure many of you know, there is a lengthy wait list for the more popular books.

Albeit the popular books, used book stores are really where it’s at. Typically, if you’re lucky, used book stores have a trade in policy as well! We normally have boxes of books that we are looking to trade in. If you have local book sales, sometimes you are able to purchase books for as low as 50 cents a book. ┬áThe picture below is the local book sale we went to this year!

download (1)


The more you frequent your local used book stores, you can also build a relationship with the owner/worker. Hubs and I regularly travel up to Harrisburg to go to the Paperback Exchange on Jonestown Road. We enjoy casually talking to the workers there, and what’s funny, is they know what you’re looking for. Who wouldn’t want that? I love conversing with fellow book nerds, especially over book recommendations and character discussion.


So if you’re in Ocean City New Jersey at anytime, please, Please, PLEASE!!!!!! Go down to 1052 Asbury Avenue, and I dare you to leave empty handed. Remember, it’s more important to shop local and support your small businesses!



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