Vaccination via Cannibalism.

Apparently nightmares can be repeated, especially for Vigor Verona. Renovations to the highest tower of the Vatican (holding an overflow of ancient manuscripts) had begun two years ago, after a fiery incident had taken out the majority of the library and, at the time, Verona’s current assistant Jakob. The Monsignor thought he had put the past behind him with the elusive Dragon Court. As renovations are nearing a finish, the head of the restoration team has asked Verona to witness an alarming discovery. The only man that could possibly help him is none other than Grayson Pierce. However, Pierce is reliving his own nightmare back home. A wolf in sheep’s clothing has reappeared also seeking Pierce’s help. Following clues from a buried historical trail, the race is on in this death match of Sigma vs. the Guild. The Guild has stolen an already commandeered cruise ship, forcing W.H.O workers and certain Sigma workers to do the brunt of investigating. Things go awry for the Guilded pirates, when Sigma fights back with their own secret weapon of myth, a sea witch. From page 1 you are dragged down the rabbit hole, and are unable to put the book down. One underlying tone encompasses the whole book for me. . .” Hello. . . .I want to play a game. Maaaaaaarcoooooo. . . .

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