How well do you like your mother-in-law?

Any bride-to-be, or mother-to-be, will devour this deliciously written book. All Ellie wants is a functional family. That’s not to say she grew up without a family, just more to the point that she grew apart from her family. When she meets Dan, it seems like her dreams are answered, until they turn into a nightmare. I literally reminisced about my wedding reading along with the characters; the proposal, the planning, the headaches, the questions. Although, in Ellie’s case, she really didn’t have a part in her wedding, mainly she was just expected to show up- that’s how much control her future mother-in-law had. When Ellie announced she was pregnant, I once again reminisced about my own children. How you are expected to just figure things out, how you want to buy certain things on your own. Again, Ellie feels that her mother-in-law has overstepped her boundaries and is treating her soon to be grandchild as if it were her own child. It only takes an accident for Ellie to stand up for herself and destroy the one dream she has hoped for since her teenage years. But, is ending the dream in everyone’s best interest? Whether you love your in-laws or not, this book perfectly nails what every woman at one point or another thinks about her extended family.

5 out of 5 stars!


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