For whom the bell tolls.

The black market has been a buzz. Specific items have been demanded; mainly historical documents from scientists of the Victorian-era. Of course the Sigma team is alerted when a bible is put up for auction. Not just any bible, it’s Charles Darwin’s bible. But what do black market auctions have to do with Maoist rebels and using the plague to cover up a mass murder of Buddhist monks, and “former” Nazis? With Sigma force stretched thin on missions, Painter Crowe once again steps out from behind his desk and goes out into the field. Crowe is to investigate strange disappearances and illnesses all concentrated in one particular area around the Chinese border. What he wasn’t counting on was waking up and realizing he had no idea what happened to the past 3 days, and come to find out that he was sick and “damaged at the quantum level” due to an experiment called, “the bell”. Pierce is reintroduced, already deep undercover in Copenhagen, in the midst of a scientific antiquities deal worth killing over. All answers can be found in a man- who was sought after by the Nazis after World War II. How can one boy hold the answer to so many questions? At times, I did feel the science aspect of the book was a bit over my head (quantum mechanics and all) but during the “action” scenes, it was a fast-paced read. Can you expect anything less from James Rollins?



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