Don’t Bite the Hand that Feeds You

If the world’s population continues to grow at the rate it currently is, we will run out of food, and 90% of that current population will die from starvation. Enter Viatus: a company who believes they are the world’s solution to hunger through means of control; population control. Currently stationed in Africa, an arm of Viatus has set up camp and is experimenting with growing conditions for crops; mainly drought resistant. With promising results comes deadly consequences. An unknown force has invaded the camp on a mission to destroy any and all progress, and anyone who may stand in the way. Government officials blame a local rebel group, but could it be something else? When news of the disaster reaches authorities in Washington, it is Painter Crowe’s job to find out why one of the men was killed, branded with a pagan symbol, and hung upside down. Grayson Pierce is called away on personal business to Italy. What he doesn’t know, is that his little trip is also tied to the killing in Africa. Following clues from a murdered Vatican official, Pierce is lead to a remote area in England, where a mystery lies in abundance within peat moss. As Painter starts pulling all clues together, the main question is what does engineered corn, peat moss, and population control have in common? A perfect recipe to hide bodies. James Rollins goes from 0 to 60 starting at page 1. This book is perfect for conspiracy theorists, people interested in the ongoing GM problem, end of the world theories, historical buffs, of just the average thrill seeker such as myself. Again, Rollins does not disappoint.

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