As Above, So Below.

Just when you think you’re safe to go to church . . . . What should be an ordinary midnight service celebrating the Feast of the Three Kings turns into absolute bedlam when what looks like a cloaked group of monks overtake a church in Germany looking for significant relics. True readers of the Sigma force series will be introduced to new characters in the ongoing battle of Sigma vs. the Guild. Painter Crowe is assimilating into his new role of the head of Sigma, which means his problems are never ending. Painter has now received a call informing him about the attack of the church in Germany, and is expected to form a team to send to the Vatican. Cue in Rachel, part of the Cultural Heritage Police ; basically an organization involved in attempting to stop thieves from buying and selling priceless antiquities on the black market. It seems only natural that Rachel is targeted due to not only her profession, but her ties to her Uncle in the Vatican. Rachel’s Uncle, Vigor, head of Christian archaeology within the Vatican, is attempting to dig through the myriad of secret archives contained within Vatican walls. He’s in search of any information regarding the biblical Magi, and any connections that may lead to the attack in the German church. So why would a secret room, in the furthest part of the Vatican archives be booby trapped to set fire to priceless documents? Better yet, who else is granted such high level access? And why would two Vatican issued vehicles attack Rachel? What connects the Guild to the Vatican? Map of Bones is perfect for those who enjoy history. This book is full of popes, and antipopes, relatives to Vlad the Impaler, and a Nazi sympathizer. Enjoy decoding the secrets of this scavenger hunt through ancient history, in modern times. I truly recommend this book for anyone- whether you’re a natural history buff or not (I’M NOT!) you will become wrapped up in all the adventures.


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