Yesterday’s Thief- Al Macy

I was graciously given this book for free in an exchange for a review. Given that fact, it has not altered my opinion on the book at all.


What do a P.I, a deputy policeman, and a neurosurgeon have in common? The P.I has a secret that the neurosurgeon knows about, and the policeman has a hunch about.

The year is 2020 in San Francisco. Many things have changed, many things have advanced. Earthquakes are abundant, and there are mandatory power outages. Some things never change though, a mysterious woman (Viviana) has appeared during a baseball game with her pinky embedded in the umpire’s skull. From the start of Yesterday’s Thief, you can already tell that the three main characters are good friends. What ties them all together is the P.I’s big secret- he admits guilt to manipulating them in the beginning of the friendship, but over the years it has a grown to a genuine relationship. Because of his secret, Eric, the P.I, is able to help not only the neurosurgeon, but also the policeman, in the hunt for information about the mysterious woman. Eric, although written as a nice man, doesn’t seem to quite have his life together. He doesn’t want to abuse his secret, but it’s evident he is not the best when it comes to money management. He earnestly wants to make it as a P.I but business hasn’t been booming. His heart is set on figuring out the mystery of the woman who appeared. Throughout the book, you are taken on adventure after adventure. Eric knows the woman’s secret, and using his P.I abilities is able to track down (almost) her every move. What starts as a cat and mouse game, starts to develop into romance. Viviana needs help tracking down her Uncle, who may or may not be alive. Following clues, and logical deduction, the pair track down her Uncle and come across something that can be used to help the state of failure the world seems to be going towards. If you enjoy quick wit, and building suspense, which leads to non-stop page turning action, I highly recommend Yesterday’s Thief.


4 out of 5 stars!!!


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